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FR. 2408 $1000 1928 Gold Certificate PMG 40

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$1000 small size gold certificates are rare. Primarily due to the Franklin D. Roosevelt’s gold confiscation Act of 1933, small size gold certificates were only issued for 5 years before they were forever terminated. Large size notes, on the other hand were issued for 48 years! Compounded by the high denomination and the belief that these notes were to be demonetized if not redeemed by May 1, 1933, this Presidential act ultimately resulted in a true numismatic rarity. With only 69 examples known and a bright original look with NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS, this note has the potential of being a wonderful opportunity to its next owner.
Grading Service PMG
Nationals State Code N/A
Charter Number No
Friedberg Number 2408
Rust Number No
Denomination Type Gold Certificate
Error Note? N/A
Grade XF40
Currency Designation N/A
Country of Origin No
Holder Variety No
Numeric Denomination No