America's Golden Age: Private & Pioneer Gold Coins of the United States 1786-1862

An entirely new presentation and treatment of all privately struck gold coinage types and varieties issued during the most romantic period in our nation’s history. This large format, 240 page hard-bound “coffee table” book is replete with large color images, insightful new analysis, updated rarities, and striking analytics. Private or Pioneer gold coins are for the first time dealt with from a chronological perspective beginning with the Brasher Doubloon issues. They are followed by the Templeton Reid and Christopher Sr., August and Christopher Bechtler Jr. mints of Southern Appalachia. A brief recounting of the California Gold Rush precedes the detailing of the first privately issued gold coins from the California Gold Rush — the coinage of The Mormons and the Oregon Exchange Company. Eighteen California based gold issuers and their coinage are then offered over three series. The 49er companies are covered in the First Series. The second series covers the 1850 Issues struck as a consequence of controversy and by State government intervention. The issues of the federal government’s U.S. Assay Office and occasional emergency issues struck from 1851 through 1855 are reviewed in detail in the third series. The book concludes with the three private companies which issued gold coins as a result of the Colorado Gold Rush of 1860–1861.
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Author Donald H. Kagin and David J. McCarthy
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