T- 4 $50 1861 Confederate States of America PMG 35

Problem Free and PMG Graded Montgomery Note
Montgomery notes are considered to be the most important notes produced by the Confederate States of America. Regarded as the trophy series of the South, there are approximately 186 known survivors for the $50 denominated example. Printed by the National Bank Note Company in New York City one month before the South seceded from the Union, these notes were printed in sheets of $50-$100-$500-$1000. Historically significant and immensely important to the Confederates determined attempt to withdrawal from the Union, this example embodies the passion and commitment of their ill-fated struggle. The design used for this denomination is the most “Southern” for the series which depicts three slaves hoeing in a cotton field. The back of the note is inscribed “N. Orleans June 5th 1861” and signed by “A(thony) J. Guirot, Assist(ant) Treas(ure) C(onfederate) S(tates). Overall, this example maintains its dark green color, bold signatures and pleasing margins. Unlike most Montgomery notes, this example is not cancelled nor does it bear any negative comments from PMG. This choice example also possesses exceptional eye appeal, print detail and is nearly fully framed. This is one of the FINEST examples we have handled and deserves a place of prominence in any significant numismatic collection.
More Information
Grading Service PMG
Denomination Type Confederate Note
Grade VF35
Is on Sale No
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