FR. CC-009 $20 May 10, 1775 Continental Currency PMG 25

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“DRIVEN BY FORCE” - A Benjamin Franklin Note
$20 1775 Marbled Border Continental Currency notes are quite possibly one of the most exhilarating and exemplary Americana notes extant. These preliminary notes from the Continental Congress began with this distinctively styled paper in 1775 and its overall rarity and affiliation with Benjamin Franklin make this example one of the most sought after Colonial notes available to own. Benjamin Franklin furnished this well crafted marbled poly chrome paper from France as an anti-counterfeiting measure for the fledgling United States Government. He also hand sketched the emblems and was responsible for the mottos on the front and back of this piece. On the face within the circular emblem, there is a personification of “Wind” ruffling the water with his strength. The motto VI CONCITATE, which means “Driven by Force” is engraved within the outer circle. The back emblem shows ships on a calm sea with a radiant sun shining above. Encircled within the emblem is the motto CESSANTE VENTO CONQUIESCEMUS, which translates to “When the storm dies down we will rest”. Most examples are in poor condition with severe splits which usually results in a restored note that was once torn in half. This is one of the finest examples we have handled and is not split down the middle as often seen. There are very few Marbled Border $20 notes that face up better or have a nicer eye appeal than this fully intact example.
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Grading Service PMG
Denomination Type Continental Currency
Friedberg Number cc-9
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