FR 639 $20 1902 Red Seal National Bank Note PMG 66 EPQ

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Tied Second Finest Known With Only One Note Finer (POP 3/1)
High grade 1902 Red Seals are tough notes. One can spend years trying to complete an Uncirculated type set. Also, as the denomination increased, so does the rarity. Typically, when national banks requested $20 bills from the Treasury Department, they were usually printed in sheets of $10-$10-$10-$20. So right off the bat, large size $20 national bank notes were 3 times rarer than $10 notes and four times rarer than $5 notes (printed in sheets of $5-$5-$5-$5). $50 and $100 were usually printed in sheets of two ($50-$100). Combine this with the fact 1902 Red Seals are one of the RAREST large size nationals extant, finding an uncirculated example can be a challenge. With only one $20 1902 Red Seal finer with PMG for all banks, securing this note will likely prove to be a decision well made.
More Information
Grading Service PMG
Denomination Type National Bank Note
Grade MS66
Currency Designation EPQ
Friedberg Number 639
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