FR 577 $10 1882 Value Back National Bank Note PMG 67 EPQ


ON HOLD (FORRENFOR/TPOSSUV/MRHCSUU) Tied Finest Known $10 Value Back (Pop 2/0) for all Friedberg Numbers

Presenting one of only two $10 1882 Value Backs graded SUPERB GEM by PMG. Superb Gem large size national bank notes are rare. Just look at the population report and it will reveal a “sea of zeros.” Probably due to the fact that national bank notes were delivered to their respective banks as uncut sheets, they had to be hand cut by bank employees and the faster they cut the notes, the better. With such a small area to work with between notes, if they were not perfectly cut, a one millimeter variation could make the difference between a Gem or Superb Gem graded note. And of course, after being cut the notes were then put into circulation - further reducing the likelihood of an uncirculated grade. It is likely that the few high-grade examples that remain today were held back by bank presidents and/or cashiers as souvenirs of their thriving bank. As a result, according to PMG there remains only 2 examples of this denomination and type in Superb Gem. But once you have the note in hand, the justification of such a high grade becomes obvious. This note is exceptionally well centered and displays outstanding print detail, eye appeal and color. PMG liked the note so much they even added the “Exceptional Embossing” modifier as well. High grade, large size nationals are significantly undervalued and can be considered sleepers within the numismatic realm. It will only be a matter of time before the true value of these notes become a reality.
More Information
Friedberg Number 577
Grading Service PMG
Denomination Type National Bank Note
Grade MS67
Currency Designation EPQ
Is on Sale No
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