FR 567 $100 1882 Date Back National Bank Note PCGS 40

FR 567 $100 1882 Date Back CH 2016 The Home National Bank of Elgin, Illinois – This is a special note and maybe one of the biggest sleepers on this list. Like most national bank notes, this example has experienced its fair share of circulation however; this type of national bank note is an exceptional rarity. 1882 $100 Date Backs are about as rare as a 1902 $100 Red Seals. With only 136 examples known for all national banks and this example being the finest known for the Friedberg number, finding a nicer example would be a challenge.
More Information
Friedberg Number 567
Grading Service PCGS
Denomination Type National Bank Note
Grade XF40
Nationals State Code N/A
Charter Number 2016
Currency Designation N/A
Is on Sale No
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