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FR 431 $20 1875 National Bank Note PCGS 64 PPQ

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FINEST KNOWN $20 First Charter National Bank Note – First charter national bank notes are some of the most desirable pieces of United States currency extant. Alluring due to their pleasing vignettes, first charter nationals embrace the viewer’s eyes and elicit thoughts of wonder and awe found in the beauty of the note. One of the most popular First Charter examples is the $2 issue otherwise known as the “Lazy Deuce.” All first charter national bank notes incorporate a work-of-art on the reverse. This example portrays the “Baptism of Pocahontas” and is the FINEST KNOWN example graded by PCGS. With the PPQ moniker, waiting for a nicer example with superior eye appeal will prove to be in vain.
Grading Service PCGS
Nationals State Code N/A
Charter Number 1555
Friedberg Number 431
Rust Number No
Denomination Type National Bank Note
Error Note? N/A
Grade MS64
Currency Designation PPQ
Country of Origin No
Holder Variety No
Numeric Denomination No