FR 374 $20 1890 Treasury Note PMG 64 EPQ

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This is a gorgeous-beautiful note. Essentially perfect in every way, finding a better example will be very difficult to do. The color, print detail and eye appeal on this particular example are all spot-on. But, as it is usually the case in collectible paper money, as the denomination goes up, the availability goes down. As a matter of fact, the Treasury Department did not print $50 1890 Treasury Notes, they only made the plain back Series of 1891 $50 bills. Those examples are known as “Seward Notes” and according to my research there are only 15 examples available to own (22 known, 7 impounded). Generally, Seward notes start at around the high five figure range and go up dramatically. Following the FIFTIES are the HUNDREDS, also known as the WATERMELON notes and then the GRAND WATERMELON which currently holds the record for the most valuable note ever sold ($3.29 million). As it stands, with only 124 examples to choose from this $20 1890 Treasury Note maybe the perfect note for the collector who demands quality but does not want to spend an exorbitant amount of money. Securing this note today has all the makings of a decision well made. Enjoy!
More Information
Grading Service PMG
Denomination Type Treasury Note
Grade MS64
Currency Designation EPQ
Friedberg Number 374
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