FR 313 $20 1886 Silver Certificate PMG 55

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This is the FINEST KNOWN $20 1886 Silver Certificate PMG has certified for the Friedberg number! Also known as the DIAMOND BACK note, this is the rarest Friedberg number for the series and arguably the most desirable with the coveted large red seal. A quick review of the PMG population report will reveal that PMG has NOT certified an uncirculated example for the entire diamond back series. As if it could not get any better, it does. This note is one of the first examples printed! Stamped serial #12 by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, this example was originally the bottom note of the third sheet printed. And if you want to see Serial #1, it is available for private viewing at the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago. With only 12 examples available to own (17 known, 3 permanently impounded in museums and 2 rumored to exist with no public record) this note maybe one of the RAREST and FINEST KNOWN examples available for sale today. And at this level, it's a no-brainer.
More Information
Grading Service PMG
Denomination Type Silver Certificate
Grade AU55
Friedberg Number 313
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