FR. 2308* Mule $10 1934 North Africa Emergency Star Note PMG 25


Compelling Small Size Note

Kagin’s presents one of the rarest small size notes known, the Fr. 2308m*. This note was part of the emergency issue for the US troops in the European and North African theaters during World War II. Rarely is there a note that can cause more excitement and jubilance than the Fr. 2308 mule star. For decades, it was believed that this fabled note was unique and as such impossible to own for 99.99% of the small size collecting fraternity. For years, the only known example was the highlight in the famous Jim Thompson acclaimed collection and was sold only after his untimely death in 1998. Since then, four more examples have appeared which makes this note one of only five rarities available to own. What was once thought to be a note for only the wealthiest of collectors is now available to own at a more realistic level. With remarkable color, good margins and the eye appeal of a note graded much higher, securing this example today will fill a spot in one’s collection that only 4 other people in the world can lay claim to.
More Information
Grading Service PMG
Denomination Type Silver Certificate
Grade VF25
Friedberg Number 2308m*
Is on Sale No
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