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FR. 2201-A $500 1934 PMG 55N Serial Number 1

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Presenting the first $500 1934 Federal Reserve Note printed from the “A” District” - the first Federal Reserve Bank of Boston serial #A00000001A. This is simply an incredible rarity that as far as we can tell is UNIQUE. According to our research, there are only 4 other $500 serial #1’s known, one is a star note from the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank (“J” District) that sold for $175,000 in 2013, one is in the Smithsonian Institution, and the other 2 are in private hands from the second and third Federal Reserve Bank (“B” and “C” districts). This is the ONLY example known from the Boston “A” district which happened to be made into a specimen note and by all accounts, the likelihood of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing producing two Serial #1’s is zero. Unlike most early specimen notes, this example is printed on the front and back. Usually, specimen notes are uniface with the words “SPECIMEN NOT NEGOTIABLE” printed on the back and/or would have a special serial number (eg all zeros or up ladder 12345678/23456789). This note is not and is printed as if it were made for general circulation and then made into a Specimen note. It has been theorized that since this note is the only specimen note known and that it is Serial #A1 it may have been a presentation piece given as a gift to a political dignitary or somebody very important. According to the past owner, this note originated from a European or Asia country. It appears that this note was framed, mounted and perhaps hung on a wall for several years. Whatever the story is, this note has been certified and authenticated by PMG as About Uncirculated 55 with hinge remnants and faded stamp ink. This is a WORLD CLASS NOTE that belongs in WORLD CLASS COLLECTION. Securing this note for your collection will most likely prove to be decision well made.
Grading Service PMG
Nationals State Code N/A
Charter Number No
Friedberg Number 2201-A
Rust Number No
Denomination Type Federal Reserve Note
Error Note? N/A
Grade AU50
Currency Designation N/A
Country of Origin No
Holder Variety No
Numeric Denomination No