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FR 165 $100 1862 Legal Tender PMG 15

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This “Spread Eagle” note possesses one of the most iconic and dramatic depictions of our national bird found on U.S. paper money. Issued as the Series of 1862 and 1863, this Civil War note is the first $100 bill issued for general circulation. This classic design has long been regarded as one of the great numismatic rarities and as such has been an object of desire for most collectors of United States paper money. According to the census, there are only 13 examples known for this Friedberg number with 2 permanently impounded in museums. We should also mention that out of the 13 reported, there are 2 examples that have not been confirmed nor been made available for public sale in over 20 years. That being said, there are only 9 confirmed examples for Friedberg #165 – which is the FIRST Friedberg number for this highly desirable series. With good eye appeal, color and a remarkably bold Eagle for the grade, it would be difficult to find an example that looks nicer than this one. Despite some minor issues mentioned by PMG, they do not appear to be significant nor do they detract from the overall appearance of this exceptional piece. Given how rare these notes are one can understand why this heraldic Spread Eagle is one of America’s most popular notes extant.
Grading Service PMG
Nationals State Code N/A
Charter Number No
Friedberg Number 165
Rust Number No
Denomination Type Legal Tender Note
Error Note? N/A
Grade F15
Currency Designation N/A
Country of Origin No
Holder Variety No
Numeric Denomination No