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How do I get my coins appraised?

The professional numismatists at Kagin’s will be happy to provide you with a free verbal evaluation of your selected coins. However, if considerable time is required, due to the quantity of coins or extensive research involved, or if you request a written evaluation, a reasonable hourly fee will be assessed. Of course, if we purchase your coins, we will waive the appraisal fee.

How do I ship my coins or currency to you for evaluation?

The first thing we will want to do is obtain as much information about the items before we decide if it is beneficial to you to send them in for a formal evaluation. When the determination to proceed has been made, the items may be sent to us via registered-insured mail (insuring them for the maximum value that you feel they are worth). accompanied with an inventory specifying each item. ALL COINS AND PAPER MONEY ARE FULLY INSURED WHILE IN OUR POSSESSION.

What is the best way to sell my collection of coins or currency?

For low value, relatively common items, such as average circulated coins struck in the last 100 years, or modern silver coins dated from the 1930′s to 1964, there is a general value range, which will be consistent with most dealers, give or take 5% to 10%. Exceptions might be rare dates or coins that survive in unusually high grade, for which collectors will pay a higher premium. In the case of exceptional coins, prices might vary from dealer to dealer, depending on how quickly and easily they can be resold. Simply put,a dealer with a ready buyer is apt to pay more for something than a dealer who might have to hold the material longer, searching for a buyer. At Kagin’s we have a nationwide clientele of ready buyers. If we can’t pay you top dollar, we will recommend someone in your area who can.

What is the difference between rare coins and bullion coins, such as South African Krugerrands or American gold eagles?

Rare coins are uncommon by nature and their value is based primarily on the demand from collectors. Modern bullion coins are relatively common, but contain precious metal. Their value is tied closely to the daily international gold and silver spot prices. We specialize in rare coins, not bullion items, although we have frequently provided competitive bullion coinage services to our established customers, upon request.

I have a number of certified, professionally graded and encapsulated coins, each with a value of $1,000, or more. How do I sell them for the highest possible price?

High value coins require consultation with a specialist in such items, whom can best advise you of the most effective method of selling based on the content of the collection. Although for some materials, auctions are sometimes the best method of sale, often a nationally prominent dealer can pay more than you would realize at auction, after the auction company’s commission and buyers charge is factored in. Kagin’s specializes in the finest and rarest numismatic properties, frequently paying record prices for extraordinary rarity or quality. Also , a private transaction can be completed in a matter of hours or a few days, rather than months.

I am new to collecting, and would like to begin buying better quality coins or paper money. How do I get started?

First, you need to select a numismatic series that interests you. There are boundless ways to collect coins or paper money. A conversation with one of professional numismatists will provide you with a starting point for your pursuits. We will also suggest and provide you with books and articles on the subjects you are interested in.

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