Kagin’s is proud to announce its beloved and late Founder, Art Kagin’s induction to the PCGS Hall of Fame.

PCGS Coin Dealer Hall of Fame 2013 Inductee, Art Kagin

Art Kagin (1919-2005, dealer career 1933-2005, HOF: 2013) In his more than seventy year career in the coin business, Art Kagin became known as one of the elder statesmen of numismatics. Art started out at the Minneapolis firm of Hollinbeck Stamp and Coin Company in 1933. When Hollinbeck decided to expand the business, Art was tasked with running a branch store in Omaha. Later he opened another Hollinbeck store in Des Moines, where he stayed for the rest of his life. Eventually, Art and his brother, Paul, took over the business. Over the ensuing decades, Kagin and his family conducted upwards of 350 rare coin mail bid sales. As experts on Pioneer and Territorial gold coinage, Art and his son, Don, helped build some of the most significant collection of the genre, including the famous Clifford-Kagin collection. Art was knowledgeable in virtually every aspect of the coin business, including currency and obscure areas such as encased postage. Art is remembered as a friendly dealer who had time for everyone, no matter their economic status or whether or not his time would result in a sale.

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