Kagin’s, Inc. Announces New Kagin’s Auction Division

Kagin’s, Inc. announced that effective immediately, they have reopened it’s almost 80 year old Kagin’s Auction division.

“We are making this commitment in conjunction with being selected as the Official American Numismatic Association auctioneer at the National Money
Show® in Orlando, March 9‐11, 2017

Exclaimed Donald Kagin, Ph.D., President of
Kagin’s, Inc.

Just as we did with our 1977 ANA innovative five‐catalogs‐in‐one box, and with internationally acclaimed artist Peter Max’s rendition of Lady Liberty on the cover of our iconic 1983 ANA catalog, we intend to elevate this experience beyond the traditional auction model.”

With this in mind, Nina Ann Phan has been hired as our Auction Director. She will bring her considerable talents and experience in establishing StacksBowers Hong Kong auctions and being an integral part of the growth at Great Collections and Roque Galleries.

“I’m thrilled to be leading the Kagin team in this venture,”

Exclaimed the enthusiastic new Auction Director,

“Besides offering world class collections researched and described by top numismatic scholars in the areas of Pioneer Gold, Colonials, U.S. Copper, silver and gold and patterns as well as U.S. Paper Money, we intend to bring to bear our over eight decades of creative, educational, and outside‐ the‐box marketing and promotion. This included such innovations as partnering with Amazon.com, that brought millions of engaged individuals to read about and purchase the incomparable Saddle Ridge Treasure Hoard—the largest buried treasure find in North American history,” continued Kagin.

Additional special features of this auction will include:

  • ‐ 0% Sellers’ fee,* i.e. all commission will be borne by the 17.5% buyer’s fee,
  • ‐ Auction catalogs free to ANA members,
  • ‐ ANA virtual 1‐year memberships to all consignors and buyers
  • ‐ Your collection won’t be lost among several thousand coins but be featured appropriately including telling your

“You can be sure of one thing, it won’t be like any other coin auction!” Kagin promised. The auction’s anchor consignment is the Dr. Chris Allan Collection of Bechtler Coinage ‐ the #1 Finest and Most Complete Bechtler Coinage collection of all time.

“Anyone else wishing to join us in this adventure either through consignment or participation is encouraged to contact myself or Dr. Kagin personally” stated Phan. “Senior numismatist David McCarthy and currency specialist, Meredith Hilton, as well as Dr. Kagin are ready to fly anywhere to pick up your treasured collection and value each piece for you,” She Promised.

Space is limited.
*$50,000 minimum consignment; $2,500 lot minimum