Kagin’s May 2023 Auction

1st of 2 Live Online Auctions: May 20th, 2023 (Time TBD)

Significant Colonial Notes from the John J. Ford Collection Sales

375 COLONIAL CURRENCY notes from the JOHN J. FORD Collection featuring several FINEST KNOWN
and UNIQUE Notes including 58 ERIC NEWMAN The Early Paper Money of America PLATE NOTES

When the Auction comes Online you can Register to Bid online at Auctions.Kagins.com (iCollector)

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2. Create Username and Password

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4. Click on “Yes, Keep me updated”

5. Click “Create Account” button

You will get an email saying: “Almost done, confirm your email address for Kagin's Inc.“

6. Click on the “Confirm your email address” button in the email

Online bidders automatically get bidding paddle numbers starting with #9001.

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