i. FR TN-14a $10 1815 War of 1812 Treasury Note PCGS 55 PPQ

Throughout the history of our country, the United States of America has issued several different types of paper money. During the colonial period for example, the American colonies produced paper money under English rule. Primarily due to the shortage of coins throughout our developing nation, the issuance of currency was a matter of financial necessity.

From 1793 until 1861, it was not necessary for the Federal Government to issue paper money, at least as far as we knew it. However, during those 69 years there were periods of war, economic turmoil and episodes of fear and uncertainty that put a significant drain on the Treasury. To meet these financial demands caused by these unfortunate events, the United States Government would at times issue Treasury Notes. These Treasury Notes were essentially promissory notes that bore interest over time and as a result were redeemed as quickly as possible.

The War of 1812 was one of those historical situations that led to the issuance of Treasury Notes. As it stands today, for all different denominations and all five Acts of Congress to help fund the War, there are approximately 138 examples known today. Many are remainders (no signatures or not fully signed), or proofs and dozens of them are hole punched cancelled. There are only 2 fully signed and issued War of 1812 Treasury Notes known to actually circulate as money.

This example is a double signature remainder and is one of the finest known for the Friedberg number with both services. This note is intact and not cancelled unlike many others, the signatures are bold, the print detail is superb and eye appeal is one finest we have seen. Over the last 10 years, we have seen the values of these notes increase significantly. As more and more people realize the incredible historical significance these notes possess, the likelihood of these notes increasing in value is certain.
More Information
Grading Service PCGS
Denomination Type Treasury Note
Grade AU55
Currency Designation PPQ
Friedberg Number TN-14a
Nationals State Code N/A
Error Note? N/A
Is on Sale No
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